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Partnership with UK SAYS NO MORE


We are excited to announce that L&D Training have just joined  the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign.Facilitated by Hestia,the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign involved a broad coalition of advocacy and service organisation,leading corporations,media companies and major advertising branding and design firms.

The UK SAYS NO MORE campaign is a nationwide campaign to raise awareness to end domestic violence and sexual assault. Since its launch in May, the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign has launched three public service announcements (PSA's) videos,one entitled 'No More Excuses - Male, and the other 'Attention'. These PSAs feature UK celebrities who are all saying NO MORE to domestic violence and Sexual assault. "No More Excuses" PSA aim to raise awareness of the many excuses often make when speaking about these issues, such as "But what was she wearing?" or "its' none of my business". The 'Attention' PSA speaks directly to perpetrators of abuse with a clear message. We will not ignore what you are doing.

The campaign invites supporters from across the United Kingdom to take the UK SAYS NO MORE pledge, joining together to stand against domestic violence and sexual assault once and for all.

UK SAYS NO MORE aims to start conversations; share resources;build partnerships with organisation across the UK, and break down stigmas. The campaign seeks to end the silence and shame often experienced by those who have been victims to domestic violence and sexual assault. Together we can make a real difference.

Visit UK SAYS NO MORE for more information. 


Time to stop stigma, it can happen to anyone. Take a look at the UK SAYS NO MORE video.


Time to put a stop to domestic violence and sexual assault. 


We will not be silent any more.